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​​​​Child Welfare Waiver Demonstrations​

collapse Category Group : Evaluation Technical Assistance Documents ‎(5)
Cost Evaluation Decision Tool_JBA_Revised-6.18.15.pdfCost Evaluation Decision Matrix
Evaluation Design Hierarchy_120613.pdfHierarchy of Evaluation Design Options
Research Design Decision Tree_120613.pdfResearch Design Decision Tree
Cost_Evaluation_Toolkit_Intro_and_Module_A.pdfCost Evaluation Toolkit — Introduction and Module A: Program-Level Cost Analysis - December 2017
Cost_Evaluation_Toolkit_Module_B.pdfCost Evaluation Toolkit — Module B: Case-Level Cost Analysis - December 2017
collapse Category Group : General Waiver Publications ‎(2)
Subsidized Guardianship Synthesis of Findings-Final 060611.pdfSynthesis of Findings: Subsidized Guardianship Child Welfare Waiver Demonstrations (2011)
Flexible Funding Synthesis of Findings-Final Revised 09011.pdfSynthesis of Findings: Title IV-E Flexible Funding Child Welfare Demonstrations (2011)
collapse Category Group : Waiver Demonstration Summary Documents ‎(3)
2017 Waiver Profiles_Final_508-Gateway_10.16.17.pdfProfiles of the Active Title IV-E Child Welfare Waiver Demonstrations (June 2017)
2017 Waiver Summary_Final-Revised508_10.10.17.pdfSummary of the Title IV-E Child Welfare Waiver Demonstrations (June 2017)
2017SummaryTableActiveWaiverDemonstrationsRevisedAugust2017-508.pdfSummary Tables of the Active Title IV-E Child Welfare Waiver Demonstrations (August 2017)
collapse Category Group : Waiver Demonstration Webinars ‎(2)
CB Data Mining Webinar December 2012.pdfData Mining Strategies to Refine Target Populations and Inform Intervention Selection-Sharing Experiences from the Permanency Innovations Initiative (2012, December)
CB Data Mining Webinar 121212.mp3Data Mining Strategies Webinar-Audio File (2012, December)



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