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Child Welfare Practice Improvement Efforts: A Descriptive Study of Capacity Building Services Received by Courts, States, and Tribes

Project: Cross-Center Evaluation of the Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative

The staff practices and organizational processes of child welfare agencies and courts influence families’ experiences and outcomes. Capacity building services have been delivered to improve organizational performance and practices, but studies of their impact are hampered by a lack of data on specific features of services.

This study describes services delivered by the Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative during 2017–2019 using data from the Collaborative’s service and outcome tracking system. By supporting more rigorous study, these data can promote service improvements. The data also provide a baseline that can be used to explore how services may change over time in response to federal legislation and social contextual factors such as the coronavirus pandemic.

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Richards, T., DeWolfe, J., Sun, J., & Barbee, A. P. (2021). Child welfare practice improvement efforts: A descriptive study of capacity building services received by courts, states, and tribes. Families in Society, 102(4), 468–484.