Performance Improvement

Performance cannot be truly improved unless it is measured. JBA helps clients understand and measure program performance and seize opportunities to do better. We collect data about processes and outcomes and use it to track performance and translate goals into quantifiable results. We also promote ongoing monitoring and improvement.

Performance Measurement

Our performance measurement plans define indicators and form the basis of our support for data collection and analysis, policies and procedures, data systems, and data quality monitoring. The results and lessons learned drive performance improvement.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous quality improvement establishes measurable improvement loops through stakeholder collaboration, connecting everyday work to desired results. We incorporate methods such as plan-do-study-act (PDSA) to identify areas for improvement, test proposed solutions, study and apply the findings, and repeat as necessary. Results may be achieved in areas such as program outcomes, efficiency, productivity, employee morale, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Evidence-Based Programs and Practices

Our work on promising and evidence-based practices informs program selection, implementation, and improvement. We examine how programs function in different settings and with different populations, how programs in practice may differ from models, and how program enhancements may affect outcomes.

Strategic Planning

We help clients articulate their vision for the future and create a framework to achieve that vision. Using tools such as theories of change, we gather information about programs and map how they operate and how they aim to succeed. Key strengths, challenges, and stakeholder perspectives are analyzed to inform priorities and strategies to meet measurable goals. We study innovations and evidence-based practices and provide specific recommendations for driving transformation across programs, organizations, and systems.

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