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Co-Designing a Conceptual Framework of Home Visiting Implementation Quality

  • Authors:
  • Jessica L. Goldberg
  • Mariel Sparr
  • Kristina Rosinsky
  • Chrishana M. Lloyd
  • Lance Till
  • Phoebe Harris
  • Sarah Crowne
  • Bryn Fortune
  • Carrie Higgins
Project: Home Visiting Assessments of Implementation Quality

This article presents a conceptual framework created as part of our ongoing work with Child Trends to shed light on the meaning of “implementation quality” in the home visiting context.

It outlines our shared process for designing a framework that spans multiple home visiting models and levels of the home visiting system (e.g., federal government, model developers, programs, staff). It also shares the initial and refined framework, its potential uses, and lessons learned during the co-design process.

Free access to the article is available until December 15, 2023.

Goldberg, J. L., Sparr, M., Rosinsky, K., Lloyd, C. M., Till, L., Harris, P., Crowne, S., Fortune, B., & Higgins, C. (2023). Co-designing a conceptual framework of home visiting implementation quality. Children and Youth Services Review, 155.