Capacity Building

JBA strengthens client capacity to effect positive change, from leadership to frontline staff. We provide customized technical assistance and training in program evaluation, cost analysis, and performance improvement—all with an eye toward developing critical skills that can be put into practice and sustained. Our balanced approach combines targeted expertise, blended modalities, and respect for local knowledge and decision making. Support begins with a needs assessment and extends through evaluation of capacity improvement.

Individualized Training and Technical Assistance

We provide tailored support for individuals and groups through structured site visits and ongoing coaching, mentoring, and check-ins. We consider organizational and individual strengths and challenges and use responsive, flexible methods.

Webinars and Teleconferences

Virtual learning opportunities efficiently accommodate participants in multiple locations. Our interactive webinars and teleconferences encourage participants to engage, ask questions, and probe topics of interest.

Technical Assistance Products

Our technical assistance products break down complex processes into manageable tasks. Tools and toolkits, briefs, guides, and “train-the-trainer” resources are tailored for target audiences and staff roles. When possible, we create tools clients can further customize to meet multiple or evolving needs quickly and with minimal resources.

Presentation and Workshops

We deliver onsite presentations and workshops to build capacity in targeted areas. By collaborating with local leaders and stakeholders, we discern the circumstances and context in each setting and create content and materials that resonate with participants.

Selected Resources

Selected Projects