More than ever, organizations need strategic communications to ensure their messages are heard and acted upon. JBA develops detailed communications plans complete with measures for evaluating success. We transform complex information into clear, engaging formats for dissemination through integrated channels. Our efforts help clients effect change and shape local and national conversations.

Planning and Strategy

We develop comprehensive communication strategies so clients can set and attain their goals. As part of the planning process, we outline messaging and dissemination objectives, target audiences, and channels. Our support for implementation may include preparing talking points, blog and social media posts, and presentations.

Product Development

We develop tailored print, digital, and multimedia products to communicate research and evaluation findings to target audiences. Our staff follow plain language guidelines to create compelling, user-friendly, jargon-free materials. We employ best practices in design and data visualization to communicate complex data and emphasize key points.


We help our clients get the right messages in front of the right people at the right time. We communicate information in a variety of formats to pique interest and provide options for accessing information at the desired depth. Dissemination channels may include websites, social media, e-newsletters, journals, and conferences.


In an age of information overload, we know how to get your audience’s attention. We test products and evaluate dissemination efforts to ensure that knowledge is shared and sparks action. Using analytics, we identify messages that resonate and foster engagement, and we determine effective formats and platforms. We use the data to craft recommendations, make midcourse corrections, and measure impact.


Some of our clients’ biggest decision makers have the least time to digest information. We prepare focused, succinct briefings and overviews for government and foundation officials, policy makers, and other program and organizational leaders. Supplementary materials are provided for recipients who wish to learn more.

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