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Tribal Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting: A Report to Congress

Project: Tribal Evaluation Institute

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The Tribal Home Visiting Program submitted its first report to Congress in February 2016. The report outlines the program’s approach, implementation, and findings since its initial funding in 2010.

Twenty-five tribal organizations have received grants to date. The report describes the grantees, the context in which they work, and the families they serve. It also discusses the important ways in which the grant has built their capacity to develop, implement, and evaluate home visiting.

The program’s accomplishments include expanding home visiting services to high-need families across diverse communities, demonstrating improvement in key child and family outcomes, and building strong foundations for early childhood systems of care. The report details these strides and shows how tribally and community-driven programming and decision making promote innovation. It illustrates the ability of communities to collect and use data, demonstrate performance improvement, and implement evidence-based practices.

  • Read the full report for details about the grantees’ successes, lessons learned, and recommendations to further strengthen the Tribal Home Visiting Program.
  • Read the executive summary for a brief overview of theTribal Home Visiting Program’s accomplishments.
  • Read the four-page fact sheet for key Tribal Home Visiting Program highlights.