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Connecting Technical Assistance to Implementation Progress in Child Welfare Capacity Building Efforts

Project: Cross-Center Evaluation of the Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative

Child welfare jurisdictions implement practices designed to improve child outcomes.

Three federally funded Child Welfare Capacity Building Centers provide technical assistance (TA) to jurisdictions to support implementation of practice improvements. The aim of this study was to understand implementation progress among jurisdictions served by the Centers. Analyses indicate—

  1. Amount of TA was positively associated with achievement of implementation milestones.
  2. Jurisdictions with higher levels of foundational capacity were more likely to achieve milestones.
  3. Coaching was associated with faster milestone achievement.

Methodological limitations and implications for future evaluations of TA in child welfare are discussed.

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Melz, H., Richards, T., Sun, J., Masters, L.D., & Barbee, A.P. (2023). Connecting technical assistance to implementation progress in child welfare capacity building efforts. Journal of Public Child Welfare.