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Communication Guide for TTCW Grantees: What to Consider When Sharing Program Accomplishments

Project: Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-Child Welfare Coordination Data Capacity Building

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This guide is designed to support Tribal TANF-Child Welfare Coordination (TTCW) grantees and other human services programs and stakeholders in effectively communicating information about their programs.

Sharing information can increase understanding about programs and services and build support for that work. Communication goals might include recruiting families and partners, sharing strategies with the field, promoting the program with leadership, ensuring sustainability, sharing effective solutions, or simply raising awareness of the program or the issues it is addressing.

This resource presents guidance and strategies for communicating program findings, knowledge, or lessons learned to desired audiences. It provides information on various aspects of communication planning, including key questions to ask, a framework for developing communication goals, discussion of intended audiences, and considerations related to using and presenting data for communication.