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Child Welfare

Addressing multiple areas of child and family well-being, including child maltreatment prevention, adoption, foster care, family preservation, and support.

Child & Family Development

Studies have focused on home visiting, teenagers facing emancipation from foster care, adolescent self-management of diabetes, and early intervention programs such as Head Start.

Health Care

These projects have addressed Medicaid managed care, behavioral health outcomes, chronic disease management, integrated HIV/AIDS care, and medication adherence.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

These projects have addressed issues such as co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders and stigma and discrimination that effects persons with mental health issues.

​​James Bell Associates (JBA) ~ State-of-the-art independent program evaluation, applied research, and technical assistance for both public and non-profit organizations

James Bell Associates (JBA) is a leading and respected evaluation and research services firm based in the Washington, D.C. area. Over the last three decades, JBA has established a national reputation for excellence in evaluation and research focusing on innovative health and human services programs run by federal, state, and local governments and by universities, foundations, and private firms. JBA is widely known for its highly customized approaches to planning and conducting independent program evaluation and applied research and for offering practical technical assistance (TA) and training to enhance clients' performance measurement capability.

JBA delivers objective and useful knowledge to decision-makers and stakeholders on performance and innovation across a broad spectrum of health and human services programs and policy areas, including the following:

  • Child Welfare
  • Child and Family Development
  • Health Care
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Mary Mariani7/14/2016 10:25 AMNews; Press Release 

Under its technical assistance contract with the Children’s Bureau within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, JBA has prepared a report titled Grants to Address Trafficking within the Child Welfare Population: Summary of Program and Evaluation Plans. The report summarizes the early planning, implementation, and evaluation efforts of nine organizations funded through the Children’s Bureau’s discretionary grant program in October 2014 to foster greater awareness and a better response to the problem of child trafficking in child welfare populations, build on federal anti-trafficking work, and add to the research base on effective trafficking detection and prevention initiatives. 

In the first 2 years of implementation, the grantees have made significant progress in establishing their projects and evaluation infrastructure, including the identification of common outputs and outcomes across all nine projects and the joint development and administration of a survey to assess awareness of trafficking in child welfare. Future reports will document specific outcomes achieved by the grantees and identify effective strategies for improving the identification, tracking, and delivery of services to victims or those at risk of child trafficking.  

To read the entire report, click here.

Mary Mariani6/28/2016 2:36 PMNews; Press Release 

The Study of Coordination of Tribal TANF and Child Welfare (TTCW) Services: Final Report funded by OPRE ​details the implementation of service coordination efforts across TTCW services by 14 tribes and tribal organizations. The report describes the tribes and tribal organizations, explores their journeys to strengthen tribal families, identifies project facilitators and challenges, and shares lessons learned.

Despite challenges, the tribes and tribal organizations demonstrated how they effectively coordinated culturally relevant services across TTCW programs: pooled scarce human and material resources, shared experise, reduced duplication, expanded services, and attended to the economic needs and well-being of families.

To read the entire report, click here​.

Mary Mariani6/14/2016 3:59 PMNews; Press Release 

Child welfare practitioners need effective tools to gauge children's immediate safety and risk of future maltreatment. To view a resource brief for human service professionals on child safety and risk assessments in the AI/AN communities click here​. The brief pro​​vides​​ background on safety and risk assessments in child welfare practice with a review of the relevant literature. It also explores the importance of cultural appropriateness in assessments and provides examples of adaptations of assessments made to fit tribal communities. James Bell Associates produced this brief in conjunction with the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluations.

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