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Building a Culture of Quality in Home Visitation

  • Authors:
  • Audrey Yowell
  • Lauren Supplee
  • Robert Ammerman
  • Kathy Hatfield
  • Rebecca Kelly
  • Jill Filene
Project: Design Options for Home Visiting Evaluation

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Home visiting programs engaged in continuous quality improvement (CQI) regularly collect data and apply change strategies in the hopes of strengthening performance. For CQI to be successful, programs must create a culture of quality.

This webinar discusses CQI and key elements of a culture of quality:

  • Buy-in at all levels
  • Understanding of the process steps that lead to an outcome
  • Collection of relevant, meaningful data
  • Use of data to monitor progress toward an established target
  • Small-scale tests of interventions

A handout addresses common questions about CQI issues, resources, and use in community settings with multiple home visiting models. The webinar concludes with a case study from Tennessee.