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Designing and Using an Effective Data Management System: Components and Considerations

  • Authors:
  • Robert Ammerman
  • Nova Rose
  • Albert Wat
  • Jodie Short
  • Electra Small
  • Jill Filene
Project: Design Options for Home Visiting Evaluation

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Effective data management systems can help home visitors do their jobs more efficiently and devote more time to families. They can also help home visiting programs meet reporting requirements.

This webinar for awardees of the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting  Program (MIECHV)—

  • Reviews the benefits of effective data management systems for home visiting programs
  • Identifies the components of an effective, useful, and value-added data management system
  • Describes features of user-friendly data management systems

Topics include management information systems for purchase, considerations when making a selection, and lessons from the field. A handout answers questions about data management systems, use of identifiers, communications between data systems, and more.