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Importance of Participatory Approaches in Precision Home Visiting

Project: Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative

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Home visitors know that what makes a difference for one family might not help another. Precision home visiting uses research to identify what aspects of home visiting work for which families in what circumstances.

This brief highlights participatory approaches to research as a means to identify families’ unique needs and move toward tailored home visiting services. In participatory research—

  • Individuals affected by an issue identify needs that drive the research.
  • Key stakeholder groups—often the individuals affected by an issue and those responsible for taking action—participate in research activities and co-create knowledge.

It outlines different levels of stakeholder participation and provides relevant examples for identifying and engaging multiple stakeholders. Readers will walk away with a better understanding of the challenges and benefits of participatory approaches across each phase of the research project. They will also learn specific strategies for success:

  • Commit to using a participatory approach.
  • Define roles and responsibilities.
  • Create skill-building opportunities.
  • Minimize potential barriers to participation.
  • Evaluate partnerships regularly.
  • Recognize contributions.