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Meta-Analytic Review of Components Associated with Home Visiting Programs

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Home visiting is a widely supported method for delivering preventive and early intervention services to families. However, research on the effects of home visiting programs has produced mixed findings across a range of outcomes. Further investigation is warranted to identify factors associated with success, particularly in an environment where funding is limited and demand for accountability is high.

This meta-analytic review was conducted to determine which home visiting program components have the most potential to improve key parent and child outcomes. It disassembled programs into components and investigated the contribution of each component individually. This marks a departure from the practice of recommending the wholesale adoption of evidence-based programs. Although program ratings are important, a particular program may not include the most effective combination of components to produce maximum results for a given population or community.

The findings point to new programmatic and research opportunities, whether through the development or selection of a home visiting program or the improvement of programs already labeled effective.