Evaluability Assessment and Technical Assistance to Expand Generation Hope

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has long supported two-generation programs like Generation Hope that aim to lift families out of poverty. In Washington, DC, Generation Hope simultaneously works with teen parents to help them graduate from college and with their children to prepare them for kindergarten.

JBA supported the potential expansion of Generation Hope beyond the nation’s capital by providing—

  • Evaluability assessment: We conducted document reviews and semistructured interviews to understand program strengths and needs.
  • Technical assistance: We helped the program build on its successes and prepare for evaluation and scale-up.


  • Allison Meisch, Ph.D. Associate Director

    Allison Meisch is a developmental psychologist with 20 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative methods, program evaluation, applied research...

  • Amanda Thomson Amanda Thomson, M.P.P. Research Associate

    Amanda Thomson has nearly 10 years of experience in social science research, program evaluation, and technical assistance. She is trained in public policy...