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Resource Toolbox for Tribal TANF–Child Welfare Coordination Projects

Project: Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-Child Welfare Coordination Data Capacity Building

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This product highlights selected resources to support Tribal TANF-Child Welfare Coordination grantees and others in implementing their programs and measuring program performance.

The toolbox summarizes each resource and includes a link to access it online. The research, evaluation, and programmatic resources span 11 topic areas:

  • Developing and using logic models for systems change
  • Planning for data collection and collecting data
  • Collecting and using stories in program research and dissemination
  • Collaborative approaches to screening and assessment
  • Sharing data and protecting sensitive information
  • Performance measurement
  • Data-driven decision making and continuous quality improvement
  • Measuring collaboration
  • Measuring program outcomes
  • Dissemination of program information and accomplishments
  • Sustainability