Data Governance Toolkit and Pilot Evaluation

Data governance is the practice of organizing and implementing policies, procedures, and standards for the effective use and management of data.

A data governance plan can support organizations in developing funding strategies, enhancing program service delivery, increasing opportunities to promote equity, and promoting a data-driven culture. Unfortunately, many nonprofits lack resources to develop a comprehensive data governance plan so they can address data needs proactively.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation designed the Data Governance for Two-Generation Programs Planning Toolkit to help nonprofits—particularly those that serve children and families—to think deeply about data and make meaningful change. Nonprofits can use the toolkit to develop a data governance plan that will serve as a blueprint for managing their data. The guidance is clear, manageable, and accessible regardless of technology expertise.

In partnership with the Albireo Group, JBA conducted a pilot study to refine the toolkit, understand how nonprofits would use it, and develop additional related resources. The resulting Data Governance Knowledge Sharing website houses the final toolkit and other resources that help organizations begin or accelerate their data governance journey. The site offers guidance on building data capacity, making data-driven decisions, using data to explore funding strategies, and enhancing services for families. Users can refine their data practices; create a data governance protocol; and use data to design programs, meet performance outcomes, and collaborate across departments.

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  • Allison Meisch, Ph.D. Associate Director

    Allison Meisch is a developmental psychologist with 20 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative methods, program evaluation, applied research...

  • Amanda Thomson Amanda Thomson, M.P.P. Research Associate

    Amanda Thomson has nearly 10 years of experience in social science research, program evaluation, and technical assistance. She is trained in public policy...

  • Mallory Quigley Clark, M.P.H. Senior Research Associate

    Mallory Quigley Clark has more than 10 years of experience planning, implementing, and evaluating maternal and child health programs. She has worked...


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