Formative Evaluation of the FOCUS+ for Fathers Program

NewDay Services for Children and Families works to increase responsible parent involvement. Parents are referred from child support courts, child protective services, and other public and private entities.

The NewDay program Families Offering Children Unfailing Support (FOCUS) fosters healthy parent-child relationships and parental and individual development. It aims to increase parental emotional and financial support, strengthen coparenting relations, and promote parenting skills such as decision making, conflict resolution, and communication. FOCUS+ for Fathers adds mentor-navigators to reinforce the 10-week curriculum. Using a relational engagement strategy, mentor-navigators help fathers plan for their future and realize their potential as fathers.

JBA conducted a formative evaluation of FOCUS+. Drawing on the Permanency Innovations Initiative framework, the project—

  • Refined the program’s logic model and theory of change
  • Drafted fidelity tools
  • Collected and analyzed data
  • Identified and reviewed outcomes
  • Developed a summative evaluation plan
  • Presented findings


  • Allison Meisch, Ph.D. Senior Research Associate

    Allison Meisch is a developmental psychologist with 20 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative methods, program evaluation, applied research...

  • Chi Connie Park, Ph.D., M.A. Senior Research Associate

    Chi Connie Park has more than 15 years of experience in applied social science research design, program evaluation, and capacity building in the areas of child...

  • Amanda Thomson, M.P.P. Research Associate

    Amanda Thomson has nearly 10 years of experience in social science research, program evaluation, and technical assistance. She is trained in public policy...