Erica Blue Roberts, Ph.D., M.H.S.

Senior Research Associate

Erica Blue Roberts has 9 years of experience in program evaluation and analysis, applied social science research, and technical assistance. She has extensive experience working with the Native American population in public health, evaluation, and participatory research projects.

Roberts is currently the project director for the Evaluation of Notah Begay III Foundation’s Granting Processes and Technical Assistance, a capacity building specialist through the​ Tribal Evaluation Institute, and a liaison for the Multisite Implementation Evaluation of Tribal Home Visiting. Her research skills include—

  • Providing technical assistance
  • Contributing to the design of culturally appropriate survey instruments
  • Collecting, coding, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data
  • Designing, writing, and implementing evaluation plans co-created with tribal clients
  • Preparing research studies and manuscripts
  • Conducting site visits
  • Providing evaluation trainings

Previously, Roberts was a research analyst for the National Cancer Institute through the Graduate Education Diversity Internship Program offered by the American Evaluation Association. She received a Ph.D. in behavioral and community health from the University of Maryland and an M.H.S. from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.