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Mental Health and Well-Being Among Home Visitors: Stressors, Supports, and Service Implications

Project: National Home Visiting Resource Center

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Home visitors experience stress and anxiety on the job. Recurring exposure to the challenges and trauma of others can contribute to burnout, poor physical and mental health, and even secondary trauma. These factors impact home visitor retention and, ultimately, the quality of services.

Home visiting programs can alleviate workforce issues and promote home visitors’ job satisfaction and retention by reducing job stressors and providing protective supports. This NHVRC brief summarizes the existing research to answer four questions:

  • What factors contribute to home visitors’ mental health and well-being?
  • How do home visitors’ mental health and well-being influence service quality?
  • How can home visiting programs reduce stressors and support home visitors?
  • What are the implications for research and practice?

Read the full brief for more details and for examples of statewide training efforts.