News | February 3, 2020

JBA Active in 2020 National Home Visiting Summit

JBA staff played an active role in the 2020 National Home Visiting Summit, sharing information from multiple JBA efforts to build home visiting research and knowledge. The Ounce of Prevention Fund hosts the annual summit in Washington, DC, to advance home visiting as a key component of early childhood systems. This year’s event took place January 29–31.

Members of the JBA team participated on behalf of several projects:

  • Allison Meisch helped lead a workshop on social media strategy and engagement. She joined fellow presenters Kathy Pillow-Price (Education Development Center) and Colleen Wilson (Erikson Institute). One day earlier, Meisch presented a poster with data from the National Home Visiting Resource Center’s most recent yearbook.
  • Mariel Sparr helped share pilot test results from a project to develop a responsive partnership communication toolkit. Copresenters included Jon Korfmacher (Erikson Institute), Mary K. Frese (Erikson Institute), and Allison West (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health).
  • Tess Abrahamson-Richards and Kate Lyon presented a poster with updates on the Multisite Implementation Evaluation of Tribal Home Visiting.
  • Jill Filene and Matt Poes recorded audience feedback from a workshop presenting the Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative’s (HARC) draft toolkit on precision home visiting research.

HARC also organized two pre-summit events with an emphasis on precision home visiting research. A preconference workshop held January 28 offered attendees a space to discuss their emerging research ideas. The January 29 Collaborative Science of Home Visiting meeting included panel presentations by HARC members already using innovative research methods and general HARC updates.