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Planning for a Pay for Outcomes Approach in Home Visiting, Module 1: Overview of Outcomes Demonstrated in Home Visiting Studies

Project: Design Options for Home Visiting Evaluation

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This is the first of four modules providing home visiting research findings to inform pay for outcomes (PFO) feasibility studies and project development, including outcome selection, projected cost savings, and outcome payment pricing for PFO financial agreements.

Module 1 helps awardees—

  • Review the range of findings across outcomes and home visiting models
  • Learn the size of impact for each outcome as determined in prior research
  • Understand length of time to reach each outcome
  • Identify potential outcomes for a PFO project

Module 1 contains a summary of results and study profiles by model. Profiles detail individual studies, including their research design, target population, group mean differences, and outcome effect sizes.

To view the full resource, see Planning for a Pay for Outcomes Approach in Home Visiting.