Joelle Ruben, M.S.W.

Senior Communications Associate

Joelle Ruben has 12 years of experience working on child and family issues in a variety of communications, policy, advocacy, and direct service roles. At JBA, she contributes to a range of corporate and project efforts encompassing publications, videos, websites, social media, and branding. Ruben’s skills include creating and implementing dissemination plans for a variety of audiences, translating complex information into plain language, forming strategic partnerships, writing, and editing. She is also adept at helping organizations strengthen their websites  and social media presences.

Currently, Ruben serves as dissemination lead for the National Home Visiting Resource Center and dissemination co-lead for the Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative.

Prior to joining JBA, Ruben was a managing editor at JBS International, where she led content creation for a national clearinghouse for family and youth workers. She received an M.S.W. from the University of Pennsylvania.